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  English Publications
Please visit the online library for a complete list of Luis Chiozza's works (spanish only)

Why do we fall ill?
The story hiding in the body
Psychosocial Press, Madison (Connecticut) 1999

Hidden Affects in Somatic Disorders
Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Asthma, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Cerebrovascular Disease, and Other Disorders
Psychosocial Press, Madison (Connecticut) 1999

Available downloads
Why do we fall ill? - Dynamic Power Point presentations

The unconscious meaning of brachial neuralgia
The affective state hidden in iIschemic cardiopathy
The unconscious meaning of ocular herpes
The unconscious meaning of a malignant melanoma
The unconscious meaning of multiple sclerosis
The unconscious meaning of lymphoblastic leukemia
The hidden soul in body alteration
What does the way "we make" our lives do onto us
What does a psychoanalyst do when he analyses a patient